Apple Watch Manual User Guide

Apple Watch Manual User Guide. Apple Watch Manual User Guide has specially to guide you the functions and features of your Apple Watch. You can download or read here.

Apple Watch Manual User Guide, In this web also include Specification, Price and latest news update. This manual guide is a officially pdf file from Apple Watch.

A quick look at Apple Watch Manual User Guide

Here are the gestures you need to use Apple Watch and its apps. The Apple Watch display
not only responds to touch-based gestures like tapping and swiping, it also uses Force Touch
technology to respond to the pressure of your finger

Apple Watch Set up and pair with iPhone

A setup assistant guides you through a few simple steps to pair Apple Watch with your iPhone and make it your own.
If you have difficulty seeing the Apple Watch or iPhone screen to set it up, VoiceOver or Zoom can help. See Set up Apple Watch using VoiceOver on page 77 or Zoom on page 79.
Set up and pair. Update your iPhone to iOS software version 8.2 or later (go to Settings >
General > Software Update), which includes the companion Apple Watch app. Then open the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Put Apple Watch on your wrist, then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
When prompted, position your iPhone so that Apple Watch appears in the camera viewfinder
on the iPhone screen. Follow the instructions on iPhone and Apple Watch to finish setup. During
setup, you’ll choose your language, watch orientation, and passcode. For information on how to
change these later, see Change language and orientation on page 12 and Power on, wake, and
unlock on page 8.

You might need to charge Apple Watch before pairing it with iPhone. For information on
charging, see Charge Apple Watch on page 13.
Change or clean the watch band. For optimal performance, Apple Watch should fit closely but comfortably on your wrist. Adjust the band accordingly. For information about removing and
changing the band on Apple Watch, or for help with cleaning, see Remove, change, and fasten
bands on page 87 and Band care information on page 86.
When you Will install Apple WatchOS 3 manual tutorial klik here