S Pen Settings Note 7 user guide

S Pen Settings Note 7 user guide . S Pen setting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 user Guide, Read here The S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note7 with a stylus that assists you in performing various functions.

S Pen Settings Note 7 user guide

Configure options and settings for the S Pen Setting samsung galaxy note 7 user guide .
To configure settings for the S Pen :

S Pen Settings Note 7 user guide
1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
2. Tap S Pen to configure the following settings:
Air command: Configure the Air command
   menu. For more information, see “Air Command” on page 37.
Air view: Turn Air view on or off. Select options for Air view and customize.
Direct pen input: Turn the Direct pen input feature on or off. This feature allows you to switch from the keyboard to the S Pen when filling in form fields. 
manuals-userguide.com• Pointer: Turn the pointer on or off. The pointer appears on the screen when the tip of the S Pen is hovering close enough. Holding the pointer over some features can reveal what an item is or what it does.

Pen detachment
• Detachment options: Choose what should happen when you detach the S Pen. Choose Air command, Create note, or None.
• Screen off memo: Create notes by detaching the S Pen while the screen is turned off and then writing on the screen. Screen off notes will be saved in Samsung Notes.

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