Samsung Gear 360 Manual Tutorial

Samsung Gear 360 Manual Tutorial. About the Samsung Gear 360
The Samsung Gear 360 camera captures 360-degree videos and photos of you and your surroundings in one shoot. You can rotate the perspective of 360-degree videos and images horizontally and vertically to view them from different angles. The two fish-eye lenses capture high-quality videos and photos and you can easily edit or share the content. If you use a Gear VR, you can fully immerse yourself in the 360-degree content.
When you connect the Samsung Gear 360 to your mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, you can capture videos and photos remotely from the mobile device. You can also view or edit the videos and photos on the connected mobile device.

Samsung Gear 360 Turning the Samsung Gear 360 on and off Manual Tutorial

Press and hold the Power key to turn on the Samsung Gear 360.
To turn off the Samsung Gear 360, press and hold the Power key
The Samsung Gear 360 turns off if the device is not used for a specified period. By using the Auto power off after option, you can set the length of time the Samsung Gear 360 waits before it turns off. Refer to Settings for more information.
Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorised personnel in areas, such as aeroplanes and hospitals.

Connecting the Samsung Gear 360 to a mobile device manual tutorial

Installing the Samsung Gear 360 app
To connect your Samsung Gear 360 and mobile device, install the Samsung Gear 360 app on the mobile device.
Method 1: Installing the app using NFC tags
1 If the mobile device supports the NFC feature, activate the feature.
2 Touch the NFC antenna area of the Samsung Gear 360 to the mobile device’s NFC
antenna area.
The app installation guide screen will appear.
3 Follow the on-screen instructions on the mobile device to complete the installation.
You can use this method without turning on the Samsung Gear 360.
Method 2: Downloading the app from app stores
Depending on your device, you can download the Samsung Gear 360 app from the following
app stores:
• Samsung Android devices: Galaxy Apps,
• Other Android devices: Play Store,