How to make a projector with iphone

How to make a projector with iphone. how to make a projector with your smartphone, What is smartphone Projector? Projectors are so a century ago. They're costly, awkward and not generally handy – not at all like the Smartphone Projector from Luckies. It's a DIY cardboard projector that can be utilized to screen any picture, static or moving, from your cell phone onto the divider – and it's exclusive £17.95. It's lightweight and simple to bear, and can be utilized with iOS and Android-good cell phones with most extreme measurements of 14.5 x 8 cm or 5.7 x 3.2 inches.Visit here to more information

 How to make a projector with iphone manuals userguide

How to make a projector with iphone manuals user guide, Before you start screening cat videos off YouTube, you need to the flip and lock the image on your smartphone:

How to make a projector with iOS users:
  • Enable ‘Assitive Touch’ (Settings > General > Accessibility)
  • Go to your video and turn phone into landscape mode
  • Hit the floating button that’s appaeared since you turned on ‘Assitive Touch’
  • Select ‘device’, ‘Rotate Screen and choose either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’
How to make a projector with Andriod users:
  • Go to Google Play 
  • Download 'Extreme Rotation Control'
  • Open the application
  • Under 'Worldwide Rotation', bolt your picture into either scene introduction
  • Deselect 'Empower per App Settings' 
Next, turn the lights off and close the shades (the darker the better!), turn your screen shine up to 100% and the volume up to max. Place your Smartphone Projector one to two meters far from a smooth level divider, move the back of the projector in and center the picture. Presently you should simply kick back, unwind and appreciate LOLCats at up to 8x amplification. Really cool, huh?

What if I need to charge my phone?
There’s a nifty little hole in the side of the Smartphone Projector that’s perfectly sized for a cable to fit through. Just don’t leave it in there too long – it might get hot and overheat.