How To Hard Reset Galaxy S8 Tutorial

How To Hard Reset Galaxy S8 Tutorial- Hard /Factory data reset allows users to delete all data stored in the mobile device. You can make backup copies of the data before performing the reset (How do I Backup my data?). Samsung is not responsible for any data loss.This guide introduces how to reset your mobile device when the device operates normally and when it is not responding. Please follow the steps below for factory data reset.

Hard Reset Galaxy S8


When your Samsung Galaxy S8 froze or get stuck during the update, then hard reset or reboot can be the answer. The problem is many people are confused in understanding the exact meaning of hard reset, factory reset, reboot or hard restart. Understanding these words can help us to take the right step so we won’t lose any important data.

Hard Restart or Reboot Samsung Galaxy S8

Hard Restart or reboot means your device will turn off and then restart. The S8 has no removable battery just like its predecessor, so you will need to take the same step.
How to Hard Restart Galaxy S8

To do this, you simply need to hold down the power key and volume down key and wait for a few seconds until your device restarts.

Rebooting the phone can fix a frozen Galaxy S8, but when you have tried this step but still get nothing, then you should consider another step like a hard reset.
Factory Reset or Hard Reset

When you factory reset your device, it means you will take your device to its original condition, meaning that your data will be deleted. That’s why when you choose to factory reset your phone, you will surely need to back up your data first cpqzbyd.

Factory reset has the same meaning with Hard Reset which will delete everything on your device. You can do this when you want to sell your phone, or when you really want to take your device to its factory condition. Make sure to back up your data before taking this step to your Galaxy S8.
How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8

Here’s complete tutorial how to hard reset galaxy s8:
  • Launch Settings
  • Choose Backup & Restore > Factory Data Reset
  • Choose Reset Device > Erase Everything
  • Confirm the warnings and wait for the process to finish
  • That’s it!
  • Now reboot your device.

How to Hard Reset Using Recovery Mode

You can also hard reset Galaxy S8 using recovery mode. Here’s tutorial how to do it:
 First turn off your phone
Wait for a few seconds
Now press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons simultaneously to get into Recovery mode.
  • Navigate the menu with Volume keys and Power button
  • Choose wipe data factory reset by using the power key
  • Choose wipe cache partition to clear app data cache
  • Next, go back to main recovery menu
  • Choose reboot system now
  • That’s it!
Please make sure to back up your data before hard reset Samsung Galaxy s8 as it will delete everything on your device.