Honor 9 Dual Sim Setting | Manual

Honor 9 Dual Sim Setting - Dual Sim Settings, Enabling Or Disabling Sim Card. This Feature Only Applies To Dual SIM Phones, read here manual and tutorial setting for huawai honor 9. When two SIM cards are inserted, only one SIM card can be set as the 4G/3G/2G SIM. The other SIM card slot only supports 2G networks. You can also configure the default card for mobile data and phone calls according to your monthly plan.
This feature is only available on dual SIM phones.
If doesn't really matter which slot you load your SIMs into (unless you care about the order of signal bars in the corner of the screen.) You can choose which card gets to use 3G/4G, and which is the default for mobile data Settings > Dual card management. (You'll almost always want to set those two options to the same card.) The card management menu also lets you choose whether to use one SIM as the default for calls, or whether to show two "call" buttons in the dialer app, one for each SIM.
  • Open Settings and touch Dual card management. You can configure both SIM cards as desired
  • If you disable a SIM card, you will be unable to use it to make calls, send messages, or access the Internet.
  • Select Dual SIM calling. You can configure whether you want to select a SIM card manually or use the default SIM card each time you make a call. If you choose to use the default SIM card, your phone will use that SIM card for all outgoing calls
  or you can download Huawai Honor 9 Manual/ user guide here
That's the way the dual sim setting in huawei honor 9, hopefully useful