How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription - Apple Music propelled. We joined and utilized it. The three month time for testing is finished (contingent upon the genuine date that you joined), however. You were joined to auto-reestablish as a matter of course however perhaps you need to kill that as I did.
Personally? I’m sticking with Spotify and just didn’t use Apple Music enough. You can renew manually if you like.

Here's how to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

If you've tried the Apple Music streaming service and decided that it's not for you, you'll want to cancel your subscription so you're not charged for something you do not want or use. Make sense. But finding the option to cancel the subscription was not that easy. The options are hidden in your iPhone Settings app or in your Apple ID in iTunes.

Canceling Apple Music on iPhone

You don't end your subscription from within the Music app exactly. Rather, you use that app to get to your Apple ID, where you can cancel.
  • Tap the Music app to open it
  • In the top left corner, there's a silhouette icon (or a photo, if you've added one). Tap that to view your account
  • Tap View Apple ID.
  • If you're asked for your Apple ID password, enter it here
  • Tap Manage
  • Tap Your Membership
  • Move the Automatic Renewal slider to Off.

How to Canceling Apple Music in iTunes

You can cancel Apple's music using iTunes on your desktop or laptop. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Open iTunes on your computer
  • Click the Account drop down menu between the music window and the search box at the top of the program (if you are connected to your Apple ID, the menu has its foreground name)
  • In the drop-down menu, click Account Information
  • Enter your Apple ID password
  • You will be taken to the Account Information screen for your Apple ID. In that screen, scroll to the Settings section and click Manage in the Subscriptions row
  • In the line for Apple Music membership, click Edit
  • In the Auto Restore section of that screen, click the Shut Down button
  • Click Done.