Google Pixel 2 Manual Pdf Download

Google Pixel 2 Manual Pdf Download. I can't seem to find a downloadable version of the Pixel 2  user manual anywhere online. Can someone help?
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However, I was able to find the official support page from Google which may help in the meantime for anyone interested.
Google’s  Pixel 2 and  Pixel 2 XL may need had growing problems once it involves their displays, however one space wherever they didn’t fail to impress were their cameras. Following within the footsteps of the initial Pixel couple that launched a year agone, the new 12.2-megapixel sensors in Google’s latest smartphones area unit a treat to use already, however their full potential isn’t quite exploited however as there area unit several secure options however to arrive, waiting to be enabled via future software package updates.

Google Pixel 2 Manual Pdf

The Pixel 2 does a great job stabilising video but in low light, especially at 4K, the footage tends to get quite noisy. This is mainly because the Pixel 2 tries to brighten up the scene as much as possible by boosting the ISO, which gives you a brighter scene for sure, but at the cost of noise. This is done intentionally, Knight explains.
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“That is a tradeoff we think a lot about. We tried to strike a balance of the two," he says. "If you compared the Pixel 2 camera to other mobile cameras, you’ll see that we’re brighter. It’s easy to make the noise go away if you just make the image dark. We decided that we rather let the user see the scene more clearly, by making it brighter, even if that means there is some more noise.” Knight further says that 1080p video should be a bit less noisy compared to 4K, since there’s more headroom to do heavy weight processing, compared to 4K.

Another feature that’s missing in the Pixel 2 is 60fps support at 4K, something that the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X boast off. “4K at 60[fps], unfortunately, is not something we’re going to bring to Pixel 2," says Knight. "For future products, we’ll consider it certainly. But for Pixel 2, 4K 30 and 1080 60 is the video we plan to support.” This limitation seems to have more to do with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset than anything else though.

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