Side Button Cheat Sheet for the iPhone X - It's Not Just Power Anymore

Side Button Cheat Sheet for the iPhone X - It's Not Just Power Anymore - Because the iPhone X has no House button, the Aspect button has some heavy lifting to do. So no longer most effective is the Aspect button answerable for all of its standard tasks, like dozing and waking the tool, it has to do the whole lot the House button did too. That is numerous paintings for one button, however we now have were given the whole lot found out for you.

To stay this as straight forward as imaginable, we will simply upload all the Aspect buttons tasks in a bit of record, along side hyperlinks out to any guides to be had with extra details about how they paintings.

Side Button Cheat Sheet for the iPhone X

Since the iPhone X has no Home catch, the Side catch has some truly difficult work to do. So not exclusively is the Side catch in charge of the greater part of its standard obligations, such as resting and waking the gadget, it needs to do everything the Home catch did as well. That is a considerable measure of work for one catch, however we have everything made sense of for you.

To keep this as uncomplicated as could be expected under the circumstances, we'll simply include the majority of the Side catches obligations in a little rundown, alongside joins out to any aides accessible with more data about how they function.

  • Lock or wake: Click the Side button once.
  • Open Apple Pay / Wallet: Double-click the Side button. You must have a debit or credit card associated with it first.
  • Accessibility features: Triple-click the Side button. This is if you have the Magnifier, Guided Access, AssistiveTouch, or another Accessibility Shortcut set (or any combination thereof).
  •  Activate Emergency SOS: Click the Side button five times rapidly.
  • Activate Siri: Press and hold the Side button.
  • Power off: Long-press the Side and Volume Up buttons together, then "slide to power off" on the screen.
  • Start back up: When powered down, just click the Side button.
  • Force restart: Click the Volume Up button, then click the Volume Down button, then press and hold the Side button.
  • Disable Face ID quickly: From the lock screen, click the Side button, then click Volume Up or Volume Down.
  • Take screenshots: Quickly click the Side and Volume Up buttons together.
  • Enter recovery mode in iTunes: Connect to your computer with its USB cable, open up iTunes, then click the Volume Up button, then click Volume Down, then press and hold the Side button until you see the iTunes logo on your screen.
  • Enter DFU mode in iTunes: This is a little more complicated. Check out our full guide on instructions on doing this.
  • Buy apps with Face ID: After hitting "Get" on a new app in the App Store, double-click the Side button to initiate Face ID scanning.
So, does this answer what 4 clicks of the Side button will do? No, apparently Apple is saving those 4 clicks for some future tool. Either that, or it's just too easy to accidentally activate Emergency SOS since 4 clicks is so close to 5 clicks.