How To Enable Full-Screen Camera Shots on Your Galaxy S9 / S+

To Enable Full-Screen Camera Shots on Your Galaxy S9 / S+. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have fantastic cams that are filled with magnificent features. But if you have grown sick and tired of taking and enjoying photographs on only an integral part of your display, Samsung has generated in options to enable you to take full good thing about their flagships' Infinity Screen.
For optimum camera performance, both S9 and S9+ are place to take photographs at an element proportion of 4:3 to get the entire 12 MP quality out of these image sensors. If you are ready to bump the image resolution right down to either 7.9 or 5.2 MP, however, you can placed the picture size to 18.5:9 and take up your entire device's screen to fully capture and view images.

Enable Full-Screen Camera Shots on Your Galaxy S9 / S+

The immersive picture size for the S9 and S9+ works for both the rear and front cameras, and can be set in in the following modes: Food, Pro, Live Focus, Auto, Selfie, and Selfie Focus. Best of all, this setting is easy to access, letting you switch picture sizes on the fly.

To go full immersive while taking photos on your S9 or S9+, open the Camera app and choose which camera you want to use. From there, tap on the rectangular button right next to the settings cog to instantly change the picture size from 4:3 to 18.5:9 on either your front camera, rear camera, or both. Tap on the rectangular button at any time to switch back to default.
Alternatively, you can also change the picture size by accessing the settings within your camera and selecting "Picture Size" on either the rear of front camera tabs. Once inside "Picture Size," simply tap on either "18.5:9 (7.9 MP)" for the rear camera, or "18.5:9 (5.2 MP)" for the front. Exit when done, and you're free to take photos in immersive mode.

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Update: supplemental report concerning Galaxy S9 and S9 and screen sizes and on-screen fingerprint recognition.
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