A Guide to Waterproofing Your Google Pixel 2 XL

A Guide to Waterproofing Your Google Pixel 2 XL.  Google finally made its Pixel 2 smartphones water-resistant, that was one of the larger lacking features in previous year's Pixel smartphones.

Indeed, the new Pixels have a ranking of "IP67," this means it can decrease to around three feet of drinking water for 30 minutes. I wouldn't recommend using the Pixel 2 for underwater picture taking, but it’s useful for accidental drops in water. After all, just one drop in water can ruin your smartphone if you’re not careful.
To create smartphones water-resistant, manufacturers typically use silicone gaskets that lines the interior border of the telephone to, well, avoid drinking water. Google's Pixel 2 also uses silicone gaskets, but Google also used a supplementary material that a lot of smartphones haven't used before.

Surrounding the inside of the Pixel 2's USB-C interface is what's known as dielectric grease, which really is a kind of gel or grease that's popular to watertight the consumer electronics in off-roading vehicles, matching to Zack Nelson of the "JerryRigEverything" YouTube route.

A Guide to Waterproofing Your Google Pixel

For most people, the Google Pixel's lack of waterproofing isn't a total dealbreaker, and most folks will pick up a Google Pixel or Pixel XL without giving waterproofing a second thought.

Then there are those of us who have dropped our phones in the toilet at some point or have a loved one who has (like a certain writer's wife), so we know the perils that can come from a not-so-waterproof phone. Even if you've had cell phones since the 90s and have never had a phone damaged by water, you might believe waterproofing your phone is just good sense.

And it is, just in case.

The Pixel's IP rating

First off, the Pixel isn't entirely vulnerable to water. It has an IP53 rating. This means that it's nearly impervious to dust (5) and can handle light sprays of water (3), like a light drizzle or mist 

Get yourself a water-resistant case

The most reasonable option for waterproofing your Pixel is to slap on the water-resistant case. In this manner you'll still get full use of your cellphone and never have to hide it from the elements. Below are a few of the greatest waterproof instances you can get:
LifeProof FRE

LifeProof FR?

The LifeProof FRE is your response to guarding your Pixel or Pixel XL from everything. LifeProof statements these situations are watertight, dirt-proof, snow-proof, and drop-proof (from up to 6.6 foot), so you may never have to stress about your Pixel -- it's in good hands.

LifeProof's FRE is scored IP68 for ingress safeguard, which is really as high as it gets, and therefore you need to work quite hard to get any mud or dust within, as well as your Pixel would need to be submerged in 3 toes of normal water for over fifty percent one hour to risk harm. Each circumstance also moves the U.S. Military services Standard test for drops and vibrations, so you would be hard-pressed to rattle your Pixel's cage.

That is likely the best circumstance for you if you are looking to water resistant your Pixel and protect it from other things that might befall it.

For the present time, the FRE only will come in Asphalt Dark and begins around $60.

Best practices

Unless you feel like spending $90 for a LifeProof circumstance and a watertight carrier doesn't really suit your way of life, then you'll just wish to accomplish your very best to your keep Pixel as dried as possible.
Don't take it out in the torrential rain

This may seem to be such as a no-brainer, however the urge to check on a words while walking outside over a rainy day will often defeat you. Yes, the Pixel comes with an IP53 score, so just a little rain won't take it down, but if you are seeking to keep it pristine, inside and away, then keep it pocketed in the moist weather.
Bring a comic publication!

Don't bring your Pixel in to the bathroom to you. Yes, participating in Two Dots on the can is a superb way to... "go away" enough time (badum tshhh!). It's not only grody, but imagine if you're owning a bath as long as you're on the John? You relax your mobile on the border of the tub simply for a second which means you can end and clean up. While you stand, your leg grazes your mobile phone. Splash! Au revoir, Pixel.

Acceptable, so maybe it isn't that remarkable, but just leave your telephone outta the toilet and bring a comic e book instead, huh?
If it gets moist, dried it off

That may seem to be like another no-brainer, if a Pixel gets just a little wet, clean it down with a gentle cloth or, at the minimum, the sleeve of your tee shirt, particularly if your phone's in an instance. No, it isn't likely that that normal water are certain to get inside and do any destruction, but would you like to take that chance?

Front storage compartments only

When you have to pocket your Pixel, make sure it is the entry pocket only. There appears to be this tendency (especially among women) of individuals keeping their cell phones in their backside pockets. My partner kindly told me that ladies often do that because their trousers aren't made out of big front storage compartments because they're so limited. Fair enough. Place it in your wallet or somewhere else that isn't your bra.

In the event that you go to take a seat on the bathroom with your mobile in your back again pocket, you might just drop it in when you take your jeans up or down. Believe me. It happens. And it's likely you have even just bought her an incredible circumstance that was probably a bit more expensive than cool mobile conditions should be, so when she got a fresh phone, she acquired another iteration, therefore the awesome circumstance didn't fit.

Front wallets or purses and handbags only (or coat wallets or whatever; just no car parking in back)!