Iphone Se 2 2018 Review Full Specifications & Features at Gadgets

We look ahead to the launch of the iPhone SE 2, Apple's new small-screen iPhone for 2018, and discuss its likely release date, new features, price & tech specs.

iPhone SE 2 (2018) preview

Apple announced its small-screen iPhone SE way back in March 2016, so it's overdue for an update. In this article we look ahead to the launch of the iPhone SE 2: rather less anticipated than the flagship models at the top end, but still an important event for the smaller-handed members of Apple's substantial fanbase.

Design iPhone SE 2 (2018)

Talking of the iPhone X, the most captivating plausibility outline shrewd is that the SE 2 will get a greater screen and lose its Home catch, much the same as the X.

Some idea outlines - which is to state, informal representations made theoretically by craftsmen detached with Apple - have just showed up indicating what the SE may look like with an iPhone X-like upgrade.

Here's a thought of what we could expect by Concept Creator. 

Nonetheless, we believe it's more probable that Apple will keep things straightforward, and offer an extensively comparable outline to the first SE - with the conceivable expansion of a glass back and remote charging, as on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and also the X. The SE may likewise lose its earphone jack, as has progressed toward becoming iPhone-standard.

iPhone X SE

There are speculations that the iPhone SE 2 could have an all-screen configuration, similar to the iPhone X; numerous intellectuals are alluding to it as the iPhone X SE. What's more, that would mean no Home catch, and Touch ID being supplanted by Face ID.

In any case, having the extravagance X-esque outline on a littler and less expensive handset would without a doubt tear apart offers of the 8 age; we can just envision that Apple will reveal this plan to its littlest and least expensive handsets once whatever is left of the lineup has been updated, which we hope to occur in harvest time 2018.


According to a Tekz24 report (on which the FocusTaiwan report mentioned above was based), the new iPhone SE 2 will offer an A10 Fusion chip (as seen in the iPhone 7). It currently offers an A9 chip, as used in the iPhone 6S.

This Chinese report also suggests that the new iPhone will use a newer A10 Fusion chip, rather than the A9 in the current model, but sport 2GB of RAM and 32GB or 128GB capacities, as currently.

In addition we could see a 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera with Retina Flash replace the 1.2Mp FaceTime camera in the current model.

Other than that, it is likely to keep many of the features of the current iPhone SE, such as:
12Mp camera: The current SE offers 12-megapixels with an f/2.2 aperture.The iPhone 8 has an f/1.8 aperture.
No bump: One key difference between the iPhone SE and 8 is the lack of camera bump on the bigger model. Hopefully the new iPhone SE camera on the back of the iPhone will also be flat.
2GB RAM: The iPhone SE already offers 2GB RAM and it's unlikely that we'd see any more than that.
32GB or 128GB storage options.
The battery will also have a slightly raised rating from 1,640mAh to 1,700mAh - this might be necessary to power the slightly larger display, if that happens. 

New Feature Iphone Se 2 2018

The new iPhone SE won't be a lead, so you shouldn't expect any absolutely new highlights - it's progressively an issue of which highlights will stream down from the best end iPhone X and 8 Plus.
Face ID
This is the biggie, and on the off chance that we are taking a gander at an iPhone SE with Face ID it would suggest that we're likewise getting an edge-to-edge screen and no Home catch.

As indicated by Ming-Chi Kuo the 'iPhone X SE' (the LCD rendition of the greater iPhone coming in the pre-winter) will in fact get Face ID, the same questionable however amazing biometric tech as on the iPhone X, which additionally implies Animoji and, we assume, Portrait Mode on forward looking selfies. (Strangely, since the examiner predicts a solitary camera focal point on the back of the X SE to minimize expenses, we could wind up in the circumstance where Portrait Mode is accessible on front-however not raise confronting shots.)

Be that as it may, if Apple will dispatch a refresh to the current SE display then the Touch ID Home catch is probably going to remain.