iPhone 11 release date, price, news and leaks

iPhone 11 release date, price, news and leaks. Apple's iPhone 11 – whether it's called that or the iPhone XI or iPhone X2 – could launch as soon as September, meaning we may already be close to the official release date.
The timing for the new iPhone shouldn't surprise anyone. Apple's smartphone-focused keynotes routinely take place in early September. That's news for no one.

iPhone 11 release date

We expect the successor(s) to the iPhones XI, 11 Plus and XI to be unveiled in September 2018. This would be one year after the iPhone 8 launched, and is in line with Apple's usual habit (at least since the iPhone 4) of launching a new flagship iPhone every September.

In 2017 the company didn't launch all of its new iPhones at the same time: the iPhone X arrived one month after the 8 and 8 Plus.

Is it likely that the new iPhones will have different launch dates in 2018? It's looking like that won't be the case, despite reports that one of the handsets entered production later than the others.

It was due to this production delay that a Korean report in June 2018 claimed that the cheaper model won't arrive until November. However, we don't expect there will be a staggered launch in autumn 2018.

Then in June 2018 Kuo (now at TF International Securities) reiterated this, claiming that despite entering mass production later than the second-generation iPhone X and so-called iPhone X Plus, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone
will hit stores at the same time as the other new handsets. So we can expect to be able to purchase the three new iPhones in September, via Macrumors.

Apple iPhone 11 price: How much will the iPhone XI cost?

The iPhone 11 could come served at two drastically different price points, if the latest reports are anything to go by. Given that the iPhone X didn't exactly fly off the shelves, a circumstance which many attribute to its eye-watering price tag, it would certainly make sense for Apple to bring its prices down a tad.

Hence the latest rumour that two OLED-based iPhones will debut this year alongside a less expensive LCD screen iPhone. The relative affordibility of the latter phone will no doubt have punters questioning whether OLED crispness really is worth the extra dosh. Publications like The Wall Street Journal are putting their money on the success of the LCD handset, citing the continued "balking" of customers at the iPhone X's price tag as a major reason behind this.

If the iPhone X sells well enough (which isn't looking likely), you can expect the iPhone 11 to sell for a minimum of £999. Don’t like the sound of that? Don’t accept the cost of the iPhone X in the first place.

Thankfully, there's talk that the iPhone 11 could actually come at a lower price than its predecessor. According to KGI analyst and renowned Apple commentator Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is apparently gearing up to launch a 6.1in iPhone this year that will reportedly retail for a far more palatable $550 (£390). Going by our general like-for-like price conversion on iPhone products, you're likely looking at a £500/£550 phone – which isn't bad at all.

iPhone X Plus Rumors: another iPhone X before the iPhone XI?

The talk process stirs on about the supposed iPhone X Plus, likewise alluded to as the iPhone XL. The second (completely theoretical) name ought to show that individuals expectation, or figure, this new form of the iPhone X will be greater than the first. Different sources appear to trust that there will be an iPhone X likeness the Samsung S9 besides, and additionally a less expensive 'spending plan' form of the iPhone X. As we say, the bits of gossip flourish. Offers of the iPhone X have been underneath expected, which is obvious considering that it was the most costly yet, and it's difficult to envision the proposed iPhone X Plus offering any better - particularly as it would, probably, be more costly still. We will need to sit back and watch if Apple chooses to discharge a 'phablet' adaptation of the iPhone X to hold over its fanbase until the exceedingly likely declaration of the iPhone XI/11 in September 2018.