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Apple iPad Mini 5 Manual User Guide Free Download. Is there a future for the iPad mini or will it be discontinued? We sift through rumours about the release date, new features, specs and price of the new iPad mini and ask whether there is a market for the smaller iPad now that mobile phones are so big.

New iPad mini: Release date

t's been so since a long time ago the dispatch of the iPad smaller than normal 4 that we're losing confidence in this product offering regularly being refreshed by any means - however remembering the exceptional achievement of the little line once upon a time (for a period it was the most well known iPad of all) and the ubiquity of the deal valued iPad 9.7in, there's unquestionably craving for another model.

In any case, it's not searching useful for the eventual fate of the iPad smaller than expected line. A Bloomberg report in late August 2018 proposed that there will be no new iPad smaller than normal in 2018.

"A man acquainted with the organization's designs" obviously disclosed to Bloomberg that the iPad smaller than normal would not be redesigned.

It's uncertain whether the individual was talking about the smaller than expected iPad not being redesigned in time for the September iPhone occasion, yet it looks likely that it isn't consistently going to be refreshed.

We may have greater lucidity following Apple's currently affirmed occasion on 12 September. Will Apple give the iPad small scale a refresh at that point? It's conceivable, yet we believe it's far-fetched.

New iPad 5 mini: Price

With the iPad now starting at £319/$329 for 32GB - less than the iPad mini, which starts at £399/$399 (although that's a 128GB version) - the iPad mini is no longer Apple's cheapest iPad.

Even if you compare the 128GB iPad mini with an 128GB iPad, the iPad mini costs just £10 less. With three-year-old tech, nobody can state that at its current price the iPad mini is a good deal.

New iPad 5 mini: Tech specs

It's believed that the iPad mini 5's thinner design could be made possible by a new, smaller battery, says Cult of Mac: while the mini 5's battery unit may have a lower capacity than the 5,124mAh component in the mini 4, superior battery technology mean it will be able to match its predecessor's real-world battery performance.

iPad mini 5 release date rumours UK: Camera

Apple isn't expected to up the camera quality in the iPad mini 5, so expect 8Mp on the rear and 1.2Mp on the front. (A better front-facing camera would be nice, though, particularly for FaceTime.)

The processor should be improved to an A9 processor over the A8, so we'll see a speed bump and improved graphics for the iPad mini 5, and we could also see an improvement when it comes to the display's resolution. Having launched new iPad Pro models with the super-fast A10X Fusion chips, Apple may even manage to include this, or the slightly less powerful A10 Fusion from the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8's A11 is unlikely to make an appearance, we would guess.

As for storage, we'd expect the mini 5 to be made available with 32GB and 128GB specs. But Apple may go even further, given that the 2017 iPad Pro models are offered in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB flavours.


The iPad mini is a terrific e-reader, and you know what that means: poolside use. We think the mini line-up needs waterproofing just as much as the iPhones.

Apple didn't used to send its devices off to get IP-rated, but some of its more recent products have proudly stated their credentials in this area: an impressive IP67 on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and IPX7 on Apple Watch first-gen and Series 1. The Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 are rated on a different scale: resistant to a depth of 50 metres under ISO standard 22810:2010.

(An IP - or Ingress Protection - rating consists of two digits. The first rates its ability to withstand solid intrusions such as dust on a scale of 0 to 6; the second rates fluid resistance on a scale of 0 to 8. So the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, which is rated as IP68, is top of the class. An X indicates that a product hasn't been tested on a particular scale.)

Apple iPad Mini 5 Manual User Guide 

Reading Apple iPad Mini 5  user manual will help to smoothly set your new Apple. This Apple iPad Mini 5 user guide will help you to understand more about the navigation buttons to get around the phone.

This Apple iPad Mini 5 manual guide will take you through setting up your new Apple, help you to restore your data from an iCloud backup, and of course any other help you need to set up your phone. Learn more on how to set up new email accounts, set up a lock screen, how to insert your SIM & memory cards, how to connect the Galaxy S10 to a Wi-Fi network, how to turn mobile data on or off on theApple iPad Mini 5.

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