Tips & Tricks for New Google Pixel 3 Users

Tips & Tricks for New Google Pixel 3 Users. The Pixel 3 runs stock Android, so you may imagine that since you've utilized an Android gadget previously, you should feel comfortable around the new telephone naturally. In any case, Google has really included a few incredible Pixel-elite programming highlights to its leads, and not every one of them are effortlessly discoverable.

A considerable lot of these highlights are empowered as a matter of course, so the basic role of this guide is to give you a walkthrough of how they all function. In any case, in the event that you reestablished your settings from a past Android telephone when you set up your Pixel, a portion of these won't be empowered, so I'll make a point to demonstrate to turn them on in the event that something goes wrong.

Tricks for New Google Pixel 3 Users

  • Gestures Work from Anywhere
  Speaking of the gestures, you may be under the impression that you have to start your swipes from a particular place on the screen — probably that little "pill" icon that replaced the old home button. But in reality, you're free to be a lot more sloppy with your gestures — they work if you initiate the swipe anywhere along the bottom of your screen. The same goes for the flick-left-to-switch-apps gesture!

  • Color Pop Google Pixel 3
In the Pixel 3's Camera application, ideal alongside the standard Camera mode, there's a Portrait mode. In the event that you select this, the telephone will utilize its double pixel camera to make a profundity guide of the scene you're shooting, at that point utilize that to apply a haze impact to the foundation of the photograph. It's extraordinary for taking pictures of individuals, as it puts the attention regarding the matter and gives the foundation an expert style bokeh impact.

When you're seeing a Portrait mode picture in Google Photos, you'll have the choice of diminishing the bokeh impact by choosing the thumbnail to one side at the base of the picture. That is genuinely discoverable, yet there's another cool element covered up away. Simply tap the settings symbol towards the base left to alter the Portrait photograph, at that point select the "Shading Pop" channel. This will utilize the profundity information to turn the foundation of your photograph highly contrasting and make the subject truly emerge.
  • Top Shot Google Pixel 3
One of the main commercials for the Pixel 3 advertises a feature called "Top Shot," which lets you, as the ad says, "Try again" when your photos are a split-second off. Perfect for those times when someone blinks or a car drives in front of your nice sunset shot — but the trouble is, it's actually pretty hard to find this feature.

To try Top Shot, open one of your pictures in Google Photos and make sure it's a Motion Photo (more on that later) by looking for the "Motion on" or "Motion off" indicator at the top of the screen. Next, swipe up on the picture while viewing it (as if you were scrolling a webpage). This will reveal EXIF data, followed by a bar that says "Shots in this photo." Tap "View All," then you can use the bar at the bottom of the next screen to select a better shot — all with Google's HDR+ effects applied, so you don't lose any image quality.
  • Quickly Turn on DND Mode
 Along the same lines as #7 above, there's an even easier way to silence your phone. Head to Settings and select "Digital Wellbeing," then scroll down and tap "Flip to Shhh" and enable the feature on the following screen. From now on, when you lay your phone down on its face, it will automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode (DND).
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