Apple iPhone 11 Setup & User Guide

New iPhone 11 Manual User Guide. Get your new Apple iPhone 11 set up and ready to use with this super-helpful guide. We'll take you through the Setup Wizard, and show you how to connect to Wi-Fi, add your email accounts and everything else you'll need to get started.

iPhone 11 manual has to be very important for anyone including you who have buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 but don’t know how to set up the phone to start with. Of course, the iPhone 11 user guide provided must be completed.  It includes setting the additional accounts you might possess such as Microsoft or Google, going through the “Hello!” setup, checking whether or not Touch ID and Siri is working. You may download many updated apps and also games to play with, making sure that FaceTime and iMessage are running so you can connect to your family and friends, etc.
Download iPhone 11 Manual for Beginners

iPhone 11 Manual must be the first thing you need after you buy the phone. It can be so because, without the tutorial, it will be harder for you to experience working the phone properly.

The Useful Of iPhone 11 Manual You Must to Know

Inserting the SIM card

The iPhone 11 takes a nano-SIM. You might have got one with your new phone. If not, your mobile network provider can send you one.

1.Put the pin end of the SIM tool into the SIM tray hole on the iPhone's right-hand edge (below the Side button). Press in to release the tray.
2.When the SIM tray pops open, take it out of the phone.
3.Put the nano-SIM in the tray contacts-side down, with the cut-off corner in the right place.
4.Slide the SIM tray back into the phone.

Completing the iPhone 11 Setup Wizard 

Now you're ready to set up your phone. Press the Side button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo on screen, then let go while the phone starts.
  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get going.
  2. Choose a language for your phone.
  3. Pick your country from the list.
  4. 'Quick Start' can copy everything from an old iPhone to your new one. If you've got one, put it next to the Xs to start copying your stuff, or tap Set Up Manually to get set your Xs up as a new phone.
  5. Tap your Wi-Fi network name.
  6. Type the Wi-Fi password and tap Join. If you’re not sure of the password, it might be on a sticker on the router. The phone will move to the next screen when it connects.
  7. Check the information about ‘Data & Privacy’, then tap Continue.
  8. Use Face ID to unlock your phone and buy stuff without having to type a password. Tap Continue to set it up now, or tap Set Up Later in Settings.
  9. Tap Get Started and hold the phone so your face is in the camera frame.
  10. Move your head slowly around to fill the circle of green bars, then tap Continue.
  11. Scan your face again, moving it around to fill the green bars again.
  12. When Face ID is set up, tap Continue.
  13. You need to set a Passcode to unlock the iPhone, if it can't scan your face. Type a 6-digit number, or tap Passcode Options to set a different type.
  14. Type your Passcode again. If both Passcodes match, the phone will move on to the next screen, or you’ll have to retype them.
  15. You can copy apps and data from an old iPhone or Android phone. This guide is to help Set Up as New iPhone, but if you want to transfer stuff from another phone see these guides: